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Bri Bentley Dodge, Life Care Public Relations

On March 15, 2021, Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley in Littleton, Massachusetts, welcomed vaccinated visitors back into its facility to reunite with loved ones.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have the families back in here,” said Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley Executive Director Samantha Pereira. “It’s been wonderful for the residents. They are so happy to see their family members, and it brings a sense of normalcy from times before COVID-19.”

Visitors were previously only allowed to visit loved ones through window visits, outdoor visits and visits in designated areas. This changed on March 12, 2021, when the Massachusetts Department of Public Health adjusted its guidelines, stating that residents who are fully vaccinated, along with their roommate and visiting family member, are eligible to have visits in their room.

“Residents have enjoyed seeing their family and having them inside the building,” said Pereira. “For a while, we have had to have outside visitation, window visits and visits in designated areas. But now, being able to get the vaccinated residents and family members into the room means so much. It’s like the residents are getting to let their family members back into their homes. It’s huge.”

Visitors who are not vaccinated are still able to have visits with loved ones outdoors or in a designated space wearing the required personal protective equipment. All visitors must still be screened, have their temperature taken upon entry to the facility and practice proper hand hygiene.

“People who are not vaccinated are still able to have visits in a designated space, but visitors who are vaccinated and have a resident family member who is vaccinated can go on into their rooms,” said Pereira. “So, it was pretty special to have visits on Easter Sunday, especially since this time last year we were really going through it with COVID.”

“I think it’s great that my family can see me again whenever I want,” said Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley resident Harvey Noel.

Harvey’s wife, Carol Noel, is also a resident at Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley. She followed his statement by expressing her excitement to see family again in person.

“It’s been wonderful to see my family and hug them,” said Carol.

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