The below is required information for Life Care vendors, contractors, agents and anyone else doing business on Life Care's behalf.


The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 requires Life Care to establish certain written policies applicable to the company's contractors and vendors as well as to the company's own associates and agents. These policies provide detailed information concerning the following:


(a) The federal False Claims Act;
(b) The federal administrative remedies for false claims and statements;
(c) Any applicable state laws that provide civil and criminal penalties for false claims and statements;
(d) Any whistleblower protections under these federal and state laws; and
(e) Life Care's own policies for detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse.


In response to this legislation, Life Care's Board of Directors and its affiliated entities have adopted the Policy, Procedure and Information Regarding the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, False Claims Act and Similar Laws.


As this Policy applies to the employees of Life Care's vendors and contractors, please provide a copy of this information to all of your employees having any dealings with any of Life Care's facilities.


View our Compliance and Ethics Program (pdf)

View our Code of Conduct (pdf)

View our Corporate Integrity Agreement (pdf)

Quality and Compliance Committee Charter (pdf)