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Graeme Dornom came to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City for rehabilitation after suffering from a brain injury and frostbite.


The injury was impairing Dornom’s cognitive function, while the frostbite in his hands and feet made it difficult for him to take care of himself. When he arrived, he needed total assistance with bathing and medication management and extensive assistance with grooming, self-feeding and dressing.


Dornom took part in occupational therapy sessions six days a week and speech therapy five days a week. The OT team helped him increase his independence in self-care activities, while the ST team was able to get him thinking clearly again.


“Graeme made excellent progress in therapy,” said Dolly Germundson, occupational therapist. “He went from not speaking or getting out of bed to talking and problem solving independently in order to return home.”


Dornom went home on April 13, 2019.


“Therapy was great,” he said. “The talented and professional staff is dedicated to getting you up and recovered and back on the go.”

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