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Jerry Campbell came to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City on July 19, 2019, to recover from an abscess around his cervical spine, pneumonia and acute respiratory failure.


“When I first got here, I could hardly move and felt that is where I was going to be all my life,” said Campbell. “I was getting discouraged.”


However, physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Campbell to encourage him as he made progress. They used activities that worked on more than one skill set, as well as swallowing exercises, activities of daily living retraining and exercises on the NuStep® exercise machine and Total Gym.


“The therapists were quite skilled, and day by day, working with therapy, I kept improving,” Campbell said. “Now, I am walking.”


Campbell is now at an independent or supervision level for most of his mobility and activities of daily living. He returned home on Oct. 3.


“Jerry was a joy to work with,” said Jill Wenneson, physical therapist. “He was motivated, hard-working and always positive. He made excellent gains.”

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