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When 86-year-old Teddy Glen suffered a stroke, she needed physical, speech-language and occupational therapies to regain her independence and return home.


Luckily for her, the staff at Desert Cove Nursing Center in Chandler, Arizona, was ready to help her get back on her feet.


Glen participated in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy five times each a week. Physical therapy focused on gait training, therapeutic exercises and balance, while occupational therapy focused on self-care training. Speech-language therapy focused more on swallowing, compensatory strategies and coordination exercises.


“Teddy worked to her fullest potential each and every session,” said Kelly Delcamp, speech-language pathologist at Desert Cove. “She consistently asked what she should do outside of her therapy time and completed exercises on her own every day. Teddy was a joy to work with.”


Glen was admitted on Aug. 28, 2018 and returned home to her family with nearly full independence on Sept. 13.


Staff at the facility loved how motivated Glen was and appreciated her great sense of humor as well.


“Most physical therapy is a chore, but here the staff almost makes it enjoyable,” said Glen. “They praise the smallest things you do until you find yourself doing big things. If a skilled nursing facility can be called pleasant, this one certainly is – that’s from the heart.”

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