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When Jolene Sortar fell at home, she fractured her right arm and leg.


Sortar came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, for rehabilitation on July 8, 2019. When she arrived, she had difficulty walking and getting in and out of bed.


“She initially was unable to use her arm because of the nature of her injury,” said Curtis Jacobson, director of rehab services. “She had to learn to walk and transfer with just her left arm for support. Her balance was limited, and she had a difficult time accepting this and asking for help, but she did.”


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Sortar to recover balance, strength and overall independence. She was able to progress over time to where she could do more walking with better balance. With improving coordination, she learned to use a cane and could function in her room safely. She began to walk throughout the facility without fear of falling.


As Sortar continued to progress, she and the therapy team started talking about sending her home on her own instead of to her daughter’s house when she completed rehab.


“Everyone has been good to me,” Sortar said about her rehabilitation.


Sortar returned home, independent, on Aug. 30.

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