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After having a right total hip replacement due to osteoarthritis, Ruth Loper came to Life Care Center of Old Hickory Village for rehabilitation.


When she arrived on July 25, 2019, Loper needed moderate assistance for bathing and some assistance for bed mobility and getting dressed. She needed someone standing beside her to steady her for walking and getting in and out of bed and she had some difficulties with balance.


The occupational therapy team helped Loper with activities of daily living training, such as dressing, bathing and grooming. OTs also taught her strategies to be careful of her hip and how to use adaptive equipment to make tasks easier.


The physical therapy team trained her on balance on even and uneven surfaces using a rolling walker. PTs also taught her safety in walking and using stairs.


“The physical and occupational therapy was wonderful,” Loper said.


Loper was able to return home on Aug. 6. She is now at a modified independent level for all her mobility and self-care.

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