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Linda Hudson was in bad shape when she arrived at Life Care Center of Lewiston, Idaho, for therapy on May 3, 2019.


Hudson had suffered severe sepsis and cellulitis and been hospitalized. She also had long-term chronic pain. She could only walk 15 feet when she started out at the facility, and she needed assistance with most of her mobility and self-care tasks.


“Henry [Jaquez, occupational therapist] started by finding the pain points on my body and then worked on them until the pain was gone,” said Hudson. “We worked on walking, sitting, getting out of bed, walking up stairs, standing, gait, posture and relaxing my muscles. When Henry asked if 50 percent less pain would be acceptable, I thought he was crazy, but I believe we have gone way past that.”


Hudson was able to return home independently on May 23 and is now an outpatient, working on addressing her pain and reducing her reliance on her power scooter at home.


“Henry has changed so much for me, and I believe I can do more!” Hudson said.

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