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Chattanooga, Tennessee, resident Elena Molton was living an active life when a car accident caused her multiple fractures and left her unable to do much on her own.


Molton came to Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, on April 1, 2019.


“I was admitted with open fixation and pins in my left ankle and later had a cast, full brace on my right leg due to fracture, a back brace due to a lumbar fracture and a neck brace due to partial fracture of cervical vertebra,” Molton remembered. “I was totally dependent on the staff at Life Care.”


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Molton to help her reach her goal of living independently again. They used soft tissue mobilization, as well as manual therapy, and tailored their interventions to maximize her function while allowing bone healing. Speech therapists also helped her swallow normally again (she had a little trouble with swallowing following the accident).


“I look back now three months later and am amazed at the compassion, patience and skills the therapists exhibited,” Molton shared. “I am moderately independent, ambulating with a walker now. The therapists’ skills are the only reason I will be going home soon. The facility’s therapists have given me my life back!”


Molton returned home on June 24 and is returning as an outpatient to further work on her walking skills.


“Elena has been very cooperative with all rehab,” said Jill Schoolfield, physical therapist assistant. “Her strong faith is what has pushed her through. She has overcome great adversity.”

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