Story Feature

In June 2019, June Ruyle fell and broke her arm, hip joint, pelvis and two ribs.


After her time in the hospital, Ruyle was in bad condition. She was in too much pain to move, and her pain medicine made her nauseous. She also has multiple sclerosis, which causes a variety of symptoms such as blurry vision, loss of balance, trouble walking and fatigue.


Therapy would certainly be a challenge, but the team at Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona, was determined to help Ruyle regain her mobility and her ability to take care of herself.


On Nov. 25, Ruyle arrived at the facility for rehabilitation.


Physical therapists used strengthening exercises and special equipment to reduce Ruyle’s pain and recover her balance and mobility, while occupational therapists focused on helping her complete self-care activities with increasing levels of independence.


After 25 days of therapy, Ruyle made remarkable improvements in all areas. She regained her balance and ability to transfer, and she only required minimal assistance to walk with a rolling walker. She could also complete most of her activities of daily living with independence, only requiring minimal assistance for some.


“[Ruyle] is a woman with great determination and direction, and she is blessed with the support of her wonderful family,” said Donna Black, director of rehab. “She has grasped recovery with both arms.”


Ruyle, astounded by and grateful for her own success, has been a constant supporter and inspiration for others during her time at the facility.


“She is quick to offer encouragement to patients and visitors alike,” said Black. “We find her sharing smiles and inspiring others to work hard and meet their goals.”


On Dec. 19, Ruyle returned home. She was excited to attend Tuesday night bingo games with her friends again and to see her dog Princess. She was also glad to be able to walk for her granddaughter’s wedding.