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Ruth Wagner, a resident at Life Care Center of Stonegate, celebrated her 101st birthday on Nov. 11.


Her special birthday wish this year was to go for a ride in a red convertible, and Heather Ballantyne, director of therapeutic recreation, knew just how to make that happen.


“I have always wanted to ride in a convertible because you get more fresh air, and I prefer to be outdoors,” said Wagner. “And I’ve always wanted a red car because I think they are the most fun!”


After celebrating her 100th birthday with a party last year, Ballantyne wanted to make this year special for Wagner.


“Ruth inspires me,” said Ballantyne. “Her positivity and charm delight everyone around her. Every time I take her on an outing, she wants in a red convertible, so I thought, ‘what if we could make that happen?’” I asked around for someone who has a red convertible and found out that my parents’ neighbor has one! He came the very next day to take her for a ride. He even brought matching red hats for them to wear and talked to her the whole time!”


“I liked it very much,” said Wagner. “I especially liked when we could see the mountains.”


Wagner has lived at the facility since May of 2015. She grew up in Denver and raised her family there with her husband, who she met in college. They were married for 62 years before he passed away. She has a large, loving family of three kids, seven grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.


Wagner spent her early years working at a general store and loved to play golf in her spare time.

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