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Thirty-seven associates from Life Care’s corporate offices took a morning to serve the Cleveland, Tennessee, community on July 19, 2019.


The event? The United Way of the Ocoee Region’s annual Day of Action, in which businesses throughout the community send volunteers to help some of the organizations United Way serves.


After meeting for breakfast and a kickoff at Whirlpool Corporation’s Cleveland headquarters, the teams dispersed to their work sites. Life Care sent three groups.


The first group helped Girls on the Run, which coaches young women in running and encourages them to develop a positive self-image. Volunteers stuffed coaching packets with lesson plans and materials.


The second group participated with Hands and Feet, a volunteer effort out of First Baptist Church of Cleveland that assists residents of an impoverished neighborhood in town with tasks they aren’t able to do for themselves. Associates mowed lawns, removed weeds, hung a hand rail in a bathroom and took care of other similar tasks.


“I love to get my hands dirty anyway, but to do it for someone who really needs it is even better,” said Crystal Singleton, in the Human Resources department.


Meanwhile, the third and largest group volunteered at The Caring Place, a faith-based nonprofit that serves individuals and families in poverty. Some associates packed bags of food, while others sorted donated clothing by size, gender and season and still others did landscaping tasks.


“I had a lot of fun,” said Joy Triplett, in Associate Benefit Trust, who helped with the clothing. “I really enjoyed working with the team.”


Bill Kuhels, in the Graphic Services department, helped sort donated toys and wash a fence. It was his first time visiting The Caring Place.


“It’s a very cool organization, and it won’t be my last time helping there,” Kuhels shared. “It’s always rewarding to give back to people who need it.”


At the end of the day, all the volunteers from the participating businesses returned to Whirlpool for lunch and a chance to share about their experiences. United Way also held a trivia contest in which teams could answer movie questions for a chance to win appliances for the organizations they volunteered with. Life Care won a refrigerator for The Caring Place.


“I know a lot more about United Way than I did before the Day of Action,” said Bri Bentley, in the Public Relations department. “I didn’t realize that all this was in my backyard. I got to see a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in the community.”

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