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On July 26, 2019, 10 Life Care corporate associates came together to volunteer at a build day with Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland, Tennessee.


This effort was part of a fundraiser for Habitat in which Life Care associates raised $1,180 for the organization.


Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit that partners with individuals suffering from sub-standard housing by bringing together volunteers to build and repair homes and communities. The recipients of these homes assist with construction or other tasks in order to complete sweat equity hours. They take homeowners education courses and also pay an affordable mortgage on their home.


Jared Powers, web specialist in Life Care’s media center and member of Habitat’s board of directors, was glad to contribute to Habitat’s overarching mission.


“I’m so excited that I got to participate and experience this aspect of the organization,” Powers said. “Studies have shown the lasting effects of safe and affordable housing, and these effects extend beyond the generation that helps build and then purchases the home from Habitat.”


Other associates were also excited for the opportunity to contribute to Habitat’s work.


Lindsay Rogers, senior accounts payable specialist, said, “I love that they provide affordable homes to people who are down on their luck. I think it is great that they have people volunteer their time and energy for strangers.”


Kraig Davis, director of reimbursement, said, “I was very proud of the whole group’s energy and willingness to do whatever was asked of us. Everyone worked hard.”


Life Care associates worked primarily on assembling and supporting the frame of the house and sheathing the walls. They also stacked lumber, picked up trash and assembled other parts of the structure, such as headers and wall corners.


The recipient of the house, Victor Headrick, came to express his appreciation to the volunteers from Life Care.


“Mr. Headrick was able to stop by for a few minutes and we got to meet him,” said Kristie Buchanan, associate benefit trust director. “He was so grateful and appreciative. It’s heartwarming knowing that Habitat for Humanity is providing assistance for someone who is so humble and kind.”


Powers, who had the opportunity to hear Headrick speak at an earlier Habitat build day, said, “He expressed his sincere thanks for the work being done. He is also fundraising for his own home and plans to continue fundraising for new Habitat homeowners in the future. He’s a hard worker, dedicated to his family and has a caring spirit about him.”


Headrick and his son, Ethan, have spent the last nine years in a small, one-bedroom apartment that is in need of structural repairs. They also frequently have to deal with black mold growing in their closets and on windows. Headrick is grateful to be working with Habitat to get a new home for himself and his son.


“I think Habitat is an absolute miracle, and I can’t believe I’m a part of it,” Headrick told Habitat. “Having a solid foundation for me and my son means the world to me.”


Vangie Ruth, director of media productions, summed up the build day: “It was so rewarding to be part of such an amazing experience,” said Ruth. “I’m so proud that life Care leadership allowed us the opportunity to give back to the community in such a meaningful way.”

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