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On Oct. 23, 2019, Roger Tolley came to Life Care Center of Elizabethton , Tennessee.


Tolley had suffered a heart attack that affected his daily life tasks that require physical mobility, self-care and swallowing capabilities.


Tolley participated in physical, occupational and speech therapies to regain his strength and perform day-to-day necessities. He exuded perseverance, which is an important trait to have when overcoming a heart attack and re-learning motor skills.


Physical therapy helped Tolley regain movement and strengthen his manner of walking, getting in and out of bed and balance. Occupational therapy focused on day-to-day life activities like hygiene and dressing, while speech therapy primarily focused on his swallowing.


Through the dedication of both Tolley and the therapy department, he was able to return home on Nov. 22, just one month after his admission. He walked into the facility with little to no performance in physical and occupational mobility and returned home with the ability to do it all on his own again!


“I am grateful to be able to go home,” said Tolley. “I am thankful to all staff for the care. I love the therapy team who kept working with me and pushing me to do my best.”

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