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Pang Lee was hospitalized and diagnosed with pneumonia after experiencing a fever with chills, generalized body aches and nausea.


Lee came to Orangegrove Rehabilitation Hospital in Garden Grove in October 2019 for physical, occupational and speech therapies.


Prior to her hospitalization, Lee lived in a senior apartment, was independent in functional mobility and could walk normally. She loved to read the Bible, sing and pray.


When she arrived at Orangegrove, Lee needed help in all areas of functional mobility and self-care tasks because of decreased strength, balance and coordination. She also required a mechanical soft diet because of respiratory difficulties affecting her swallowing abilities.


Despite all of these hurdles, Lee was always motivated and willing to participate in rehab. According to Judy Su-Lg, occupational therapist, “Ms. Lee continues to strive to get better and is always optimistic in reaching her goal to go home.”


After three weeks of skilled therapy and education, Lee is now able to complete self-care tasks and walk with a rolling walker for community distances independently. She returned home in early November.

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