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When Joyce Black experienced septic shock with complications, she was hospitalized for 11 days and lost her mobility and ability to take care of herself.


Thankfully, the rehab team at Life Care Center of Wichita, Kansas, was there to help her regain her independence.


Black came to the facility very weak on April 18, 2019. Physical therapists started with general strengthening exercises and standing balance reeducation, as well as cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. She began her walking practice with a front-wheeled walker. Occupational therapists worked with her on her functional tasks, such as getting dressed, and speech therapists helped her with functional memory tasks.


“We had to address all systems that were affected by her illness,” said Natalie Merten, physical therapist.


“They kept me up and going when I didn’t want to be,” said Black. “All the therapists were so friendly and nice. They helped build my confidence in returning to assisted living. All the nursing staff was so friendly, and I just love them. I made some good friends who I will miss.”


Black moved into her new assisted living apartment on May 21. She is independent once more.

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