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Life Care Center of North Glendale helps patient enjoy hobby again

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A few occupational therapy interventions at Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona, recently made quite a difference for one of the facility’s long-term residents.

Emmy Morel is 77 years old and suffered a stroke more than six years ago which left her totally hemiplegic on her left side. She came to Life Care on April 26, 2019...

Cardiac patient recovers independence at Life Care of Idaho Falls

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Pat Vrooman has a long history of kidney and cardiac deficiencies.

By the time Vrooman came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, on May 5, 2019, she had been in and out of nursing and rehab centers several times. She came to Life Care severely weak and unable to walk...

Life Care Center of Sandpoint helps Brass walk again after two years

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After a back injury left him partially paralyzed and unable to walk, Thomas Brass underwent surgery to help promote his healing process. Between his injury and the recovery time from his surgery, Brass went two years without the ability to walk...

Keasey recovers from surgery at Life Care Center of Banner Elk

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A femoral surgery after suffering an embolism in her leg led Joy Keasey to require rehabilitation.

Keasey was very weak when she arrived at Life Care Center of Banner Elk, North Carolina, on March 14, 2019. She needed moderate assistance with bed mobility, bathing and dressing, as well as some assistance with walking, grooming, medication management, standing balance and transfers...

Orangegrove Rehabilitation helps stroke patient return home safely

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Tri Nguyen was hospitalized after becoming aphasic and unable to walk with a suspected acute stroke.

Prior to her hospitalization, Nguyen lived with her family, and was able to get around on her own using a walker. She could take care of herself and loved to watch movies and eat Vietnamese food that her daughter cooked for her.

Coming to Orangegrove Rehabilitation Hospital in Garden Grove... was the stepping stone Nguyen needed to get back to that lifestyle...

Parkinson’s patient rehabs from knee replacement at Bridgeview Estates

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Judy Frazier was impressed with what she saw when she toured Bridgeview Estates’ skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Twin Falls, Idaho, before having a total knee replacement.

A friend of Frazier’s sister recommended the center, and Frazier chose to do her recovery there after her surgery. She arrived on May 21, 2019, needing moderate assistance for transfers in and out of bed, bathing, dressing and medication management...

Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley helps Boyd regain independence

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When Joan Boyd fell and broke several ribs, she needed some assistance with her mobility and self-care.

Boyd chose to come to Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley in North Billerica, Massachusetts, for her rehabilitation. She arrived on April 5, 2019, and took part in physical, occupational and speech therapies...

Stroke patient regains independence at Life Care Center of La Center

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Danny Davidson has gone from needing total assistance with his self-care to being mostly independent again after a stroke. The therapists at Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, made life at home possible again for Davidson.

Davidson came to the skilled nursing and rehab center on April 15, and in addition to his self-care challenges, he also couldn’t walk and had difficulties with memory and swallowing...

Hudson recovers from sepsis and cellulitis at Life Care of Lewiston

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Linda Hudson was in bad shape when she arrived at Life Care Center of Lewiston, Idaho, for therapy on May 3, 2019.

Hudson had suffered severe sepsis and cellulitis and been hospitalized. She also had long-term chronic pain. She could only walk 15 feet when she started out at the facility, and she needed assistance with most of her mobility and self-care tasks...

Brain injury patient recovers at Life Care Center of Salt Lake City

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Graeme Dornom came to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City for rehabilitation after suffering from a brain injury and frostbite.

The injury was impairing Dornom’s cognitive function, while the frostbite in his hands and feet made it difficult for him to take care of himself...

Life Care Center of Raynham helps former cook make family recipe again

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On May 15, 2019, James Garofalo, a former cook, got to enjoy his family’s homemade sauce and meatballs.

This might not seem like a big deal, but for Garofalo, it was an achievement he had been anticipating eagerly. He was a patient at Life Care Center of Raynham, Massachusetts, taking part in rehabilitation after having surgery for a hernia that resulted in complications...

Life Care Center of Idaho Falls helps cervical patient walk again

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On Feb. 7, 2019, Gladys Jerome came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, unable to walk.

Jerome had been living at home with her family, walking with the help of a walker and her family’s assistance for transferring and self-care activities. However, a cervical disc disorder with myelopathy (spinal cord damage) eventually debilitated her to the point she could not even stand without total assistance...

Life Care Center of Wichita helps stroke patient swallow again

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A stroke in December 2018 left Ron Watson with a paralyzed tongue and aphasia, as well as difficulties with mobility and self-care.

Watson came to Life Care Center of Wichita, Kansas, on Feb. 4, 2019, on a feeding tube and with deficits in cognition, gait, bed mobility, transfers, balance, grooming, bathing and dressing. His doctor advised that he either learn to swallow or consider end-of-life planning...

Life Care Center of Plainwell helps stroke patient speak again

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After a stroke, Dan LaFountain wasn’t able to speak. Now, he is able to communicate clearly in full sentences again.

Therapy at Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, made the difference for LaFountain. And therapists did more than that...

Payne back home thanks to care at Life Care Center of Cleveland

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Betty Payne considers herself a living miracle.

“They told me three different times that I was dying,” Payne said. “And I’ve had to learn to walk now four different times.”

This past time, Payne developed cellulitis in her legs, an infection of the deep tissues of the skin...

Hallmark Manor helps Washburn manage stairs again after broken leg

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Hallmark Manor in Federal Way, Washington, received a letter on March 29, 2019, from Nancy Washburn, a patient who had come to the facility for rehabilitation after suffering a broken femur.

Here is her testimonial...

Life Care Center of Escondido helps pneumonia patient regain strength

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Olga Arnold came to Life Care Center of Escondido, California, on Feb. 25, 2019, from her assisted living facility, Brookdale.

Arnold was diagnosed with pneumonia just two weeks after moving to Brookdale, and the condition resulted in hospitalization...

Wildt recovers from stroke at The Westchester House

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After suffering a stroke, Harvey Wildt had difficulty moving or using his left side.

The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, helped Wildt overcome those deficits. Wildt came to the skilled nursing and rehab center on Feb. 26, 2019, needing two people to help him get in and out of bed...

Breast cancer patient regains strength at Life Care of North Glendale

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Evelyn McCann, an 80-year-old beekeeper from Laveen, Arizona, recently used Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona’s professional rehabilitation services to regain strength after a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy.

McCann came to the skilled nursing and rehab center on March 27 with drains and a 5-10 pound upper extremity weight restriction...

Stroke patient recovers with therapy at Cottesmore of Life Care

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Margaret Shomshack recently needed help getting back on her feet after a stroke.

On March 18, 2019, Shomshack came to Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, for physical and occupational therapies. She needed maximum assistance for getting in and out of bed and for all her self-care...

LiteGait at Bridgeview Estates helps knee patient regain independence

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When Twin Falls, Idaho, resident Alicia Fort underwent knee replacement surgery for her osteoarthritis, she knew where she was going to do her rehabilitation.

“I heard about Bridgeview’s therapy and the LiteGait® from a newspaper article,” Fort said. “I thought it could benefit me because I had trouble with my balance after my knee surgery and the machine could hold me up...”

Life Care of Morgan County helps Wilkie recover from hip fracture

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When Anna Wilkie fractured her hip, she came to Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee, in December 2018 for rehabilitation.

Wilkie was unable to put weight on her right leg when she arrived, so she could not walk and needed extensive assistance to get in and out of bed or in and out of chairs...

Bridgeview Estates helps encephalopathy patient recover

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Physical, occupational and speech therapies were the key to helping Catherine Bostwick recover from metabolic encephalopathy, a brain issue caused by a chemical imbalance in the blood.

Bostwick started rehabilitation at Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls, Idaho, on March 25, 2019. She was in pain and had difficulty articulating...

Redmon recovers from car accident at Life Care Center of Morgan County

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Kingston, Tennessee, resident David Redmon was in bad shape after being involved in a car accident.

Redmon suffered multiple fractures and deficits that impaired his strength, mobility and independence in daily life. Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee, turned those outcomes around for him...

Stroke patient recovers function at Bridgeview Estates

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Living on a continuum-of-care campus can be very helpful, as Mary Sliman recently discovered.

Sliman was living in Bridgeview Estates’ independent living facility when she had a stroke that affected her right side. When she left the hospital, she was in need of rehabilitation...