3 Ways to Celebrate Your Senior Father This Father's Day
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3 Ways to Celebrate Your Senior Father This Father's Day

In the flowery fanfare of Mother’s Day, we sometimes push our dads to the side, forgetting how big of a role they’ve played in our lives. After all, if not for our fathers we wouldn’t be the noble, illustrious people we are today!

So, let’s remember to honor and thank our fathers the right way this Father’s Day. The following are three father-friendly and simple tips on how to say, “Thanks, Dad.”

1. Relive old memories and create new ones

Treat your dad to a nice afternoon or evening out. By now, you’re probably well aware of his favorite foods and the activities he enjoys. Take him to watch his favorite team go for the win, or to see that exciting movie he’s been talking about.

Try some activities the two of you enjoyed doing when you were younger to relive and celebrate old times. Any activity the two of you can share will show your dad that you haven’t forgotten how important he is to you.

2. Remind him the difference he's made

Even if you’re not a rock star or rocket scientist (yet), you’re dad is proud of the life you’ve carved for yourself. Call him up and fill him in on all the things you’ve accomplished, as well as the goals you have for the future. He’ll be glad to see that his guidance led you in the right direction.

Remind him of the things he taught you, and the ways you have applied those teachings in your adult life. Maybe you have your own kids and have imparted your father’s life lessons to them.

Let him know that his presence and influence will last generations. And be sure to find out the plans he has for his golden years. There may be some kind of project the two of you can tackle together.

3. Offer a helping hand

As usual, your dad may have everything under control, and he doesn’t need your help––at the moment. But as we age, our need for extra support here and there grows.

Is his memory slipping? Does he have more trouble going up stairs or handling a car lately? Maybe simple daily tasks are becoming more difficult for him.

These are signs that someone may need assistance with their day-to-day living. While giving your dad the space he needs, take steps to show him that you’re available to help or to find proper care––when he needs it.

Ask questions about his daily routine and the frustrations he may have while doing maintenance and housework. Pay attention to his physical health and the appearance of his home. And don’t be afraid to ask him for updates on any medical concerns he may have.

Be sure to speak up–respectfully–if you notice anything amiss in his life situation. Your dad may not be ready to hand over the reins just yet, but he’ll appreciate knowing he has a strong support system like you in his retirement years.

Whatever you decide to do this year, just being there for the person you love and appreciate will have a greater impact on them than any gift or activity ever will.

So, for this Father’s Day, remember to be there for the one who was there for you.

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