4 tips for a good morning
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4 tips for a good morning

Getting out of bed and starting the day can sometimes be a real struggle, especially after a long, much-needed sleep. But getting up doesn’t have to be such a drag!

Below are a few tips to help you develop a simple, healthy and enjoyable morning routine that will give you the power to shed the drowse and find the vigor you need for a new day.

Stretch to Success
According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching daily can help boost blood flow to your muscles, increase the range of motion in your joints and improve your overall flexibility. That’s just what a person needs to get going in the morning. Focus on your thighs, calves, neck and shoulders, and your lower back when doing your stretches. Do be sure to ask for assistance, if you need it.

Visit nihseniorhealth.gov for a list of stretches with detailed instructions and illustrations, and ask your doctor for further recommendations.

Walk for Wellness
A brief morning walk can kick your body into gear for a brand new day. Walking is known to improve cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure and relieve pain from arthritis and other joint problems. It has also been found to lower risks of disability in seniors by 41%, which means regular walking can lead to longer independence and higher longevity. We can’t think of a better reason for getting up!

Morning Meditation
Many people meditate to achieve calmness, relaxation and a deeper sense of well-being. According to the National Institutes of Health, meditation can help lower blood pressure and ease or even eliminate symptoms of conditions such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. And there’s really nothing to it!

Every morning, set aside 10 to 15 minutes so that you can sit or lie in a quiet and comfortable place. Then focus on your breathing, the gentle sounds around you or an encouraging word while letting your thoughts drift by like clouds in the sky. You might find yourself not just ready for the day, but relaxed and ready.

Better Breakfast
Breakfast is a cornerstone of good mornings and can lead to better living overall. Studies have shown that people who eat a balanced breakfast every morning tend to have more energy, better memory and more positive moods. So, while you’re enjoying your fun and productive day, you might even make another friend or two.

When building your breakfast of champions, consider lean protein, whole grains and fresh fruit. You don’t have to give up all those delicious, sugary or fatty favorites, such as sausage, bacon and donuts, but it is best to limit high-sugar, high-fat foods to keep your cholesterol and blood sugar in check.

A good morning is one of the best ways to lay a firm foundation for a good day, and a good life. Establishing a simple, healthy morning routine might be all it takes to add more vibrance, joy and productivity to your life. After all, we say "good morning" to each other all the time. It’s about time that we start having those good mornings.


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