Stay prepared for life's surprises with these 4 tips
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Stay prepared for life's surprises with these 4 tips

For many people, difficult times are few and far between. Still, challenges will arise no matter who you are or what you do. While you can’t eradicate all misfortune from your life, you can take certain steps to fortify yourself against anything life slings your way. Below are four ways you can become better prepared for life’s biggest curve balls. A little planning can take you from worrier to warrior!

Master your medications

If you have a medical condition, you may assume that the medication you need will always be within reach. But natural disasters, illnesses or injuries could hinder your ability to replenish necessary medications when you need them, so it’s important to refill your prescriptions regularly and to make sure your medicine cabinets have the right meds for any occasion. Doing so can help you and your family brave any challenge comfortably and safely.

Rock your stock

We’re not talking about the stock market, though rocking that can help too. What we are talking about is keeping food and water provisions should some disaster or accident disrupt utilities or transportation. Make sure your pantry contains at least a week’s worth of nutritious nonperishable foods––such as canned beans, fruits, veggies and meats, peanut butter, nuts and MREs (meals-ready-to-eat). Build a store of water that will also last you at least a week. Experts recommend keeping one gallon of water per person per day. It’s best to store the water in durable, BPA-free containers.

Stay supplied

You may not need to go full survivalist, but keeping a few utility items can give you the upper hand in a difficult situation. Some items to store in your hard-times arsenal include:
• flashlights and battery-powered lanterns
• fully stocked first aid kit
• blankets and jackets
• small camp stove or alcohol-fueled space heaters
• toolbox containing basic tools

Most of these items are at your local sports and outdoors store. You can also check out various survival gear websites for more supplies and suggestions.

Ensure that you’re insured

An unexpected event could put your assets at risk and leave you or a loved one with a heavy burden. Insurance, whether it be automotive, home or personal possession, is a relatively affordable way to protect the things you worked hard for. An important kind of insurance is one that people often neglect: life insurance. For a small monthly premium, you can give yourself or loved ones the power to cover all costs and even living expenses should the time come. Though we’re sure that time is a long way out, it’s always good to prepare now!

Take time to assess all of your insurance policies and determine which ones you need to acquire or to adjust to make sure you and your family are protected. And, it's always smart to build an emergency fund of at least $1,000.

While challenges are inevitable, preparedness can turn mountains into foothills. Keep the above tips in mind and enjoy your beautiful, unpredictable life with assurance and confidence!

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