Short-Term Therapy Works! –– Patient Success Stories
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Short-Term Therapy Works! –– Patient Success Stories

At Life Care Centers of America, we have the privilege of seeing hundreds of patients regain their strength and independence through our short-term therapy services every year.

And that shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the many talented therapists we have at our facilities nationwide –– and the exceptional determination of our patients!

But we always love to highlight a few of these people to inspire our teams as well as the people of our communities who may need a little inspiration and encouragement.

Below are just a few of the short-term therapy success stories we've had this year, showing once again that Champions both work and recover at Life Care!

Mary and Shelly Bailey at Mitchell Manor

Mary and Shelly were admitted to Mitchell Manor following Mary's hospitalization after a fall. Shelly lives with Mary and is unable to care for herself.

Mary needed at least two people to help her with all tasks, including getting in and out of bed, self-care, transferring to a chair and walking with a walker. Shelly required one-person assistance for all tasks, including walking without a device.

With Mary's input, the Mitchell Manor therapy team created care plans for both Mary and Shelly to decrease Mary's pain and help them return home safely. They received physical, occupational and speech therapies daily.

"It was fun to work with Shelly and Mary. We would play rock and roll music to increase participation and enhance enthusiasm for Shelly," reported the therapists working with them.

Mary and Shelly went home, independent with self-care and functional mobility. Mary was able to walk with a walker without any physical assistance.

Congratulations Mary and Shelly!

"Therapy helped me get back to walking and doing all my daily tasks independently. I also really appreciate the therapy for Shelly." –– Mary

George Upchurch at Life Care Center of Jefferson City

George came to Life Care Center of Jefferson City after surgery and was able to walk only two feet at the time. He needed moderate assistance for activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and toileting, but he was motivated and worked hard to regain his independence.

Since he had been independent at home and was his wife's primary caregiver, he needed to be as independent as possible so he could continue to provide for her. He had rehab five days a week, receiving physical and occupational therapies. He was also screened by speech therapists but had no need for speech therapy.

After George’s discharge, he returned for outpatient therapy services. He has been described as one of the hardest working patients they have ever had and an inspiration to other residents.

We wish George the very best and will work with him to reach his goal of driving and returning to work in IT.

"I would like to say that all the staff are caring, professional and respectful. What best describes this place is 'healing and helpful.'” –– George

Julia Lowe at Life Care Center of Elyria

Julia came to Life Care Center of Elyria after a fall that resulted in multiple pelvic and sacral fractures.

Upon her arrival, she was in a lot of pain in her hip and her shoulder. "I couldn't even turn over in bed," Julia said. She was unable to stand or bear weight on her right leg, and she required lots of assistance to complete basic tasks, such as bathing and dressing.

Julia participated in a comprehensive rehab program that included physical and occupational therapies and skilled nursing care. The rehab team implemented a dynamic, integrated treatment program to improve her ability to complete her daily routine safely and independently. She participated in her individualized plan of care with great success.

Julia is discharging back home where she lives alone. "My right side is completely healed! It's amazing!" she said.

She is able to complete all her own self-care, transfers and light homemaking tasks. Julia also is walking over 200 feet independently.

Congratulations to Julia for all her success!

"The therapists were super! They looked after me and made sure I was doing alright. I can now do all my own bathing and dressing. I am walking without help, and I even made a grilled cheese sandwich!" –– Julia

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