10 Reasons why seniors should downsize their stuff
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10 Reasons why seniors should downsize their stuff

Downsizing and decluttering around the home can be challenging, but the rewards can be great! Creating more space and lightening the load can give you a breath of fresh air and a whole new perspective on life and its many changes.

If you are considering downsizing but are still unsure if the time is right, consider the following benefits.

1. It can help you prepare for a future move

If you’re considering moving into a smaller house or an Assisted Living or Independent Living community, downsizing in your existing home can help make that transition much smoother.

2. It can make room for assistive devices & other home modifications

If your home will need a bath installation, guardrails and other adjustments for better mobility, removing extra furniture, plants and disused products can help make these home modifications a breeze.

3. Downsizing can make room for a live-in family member or caregiver

If you expect that you will need a full-time caregiver, removing unwanted goods can make space for that individual, should you need them for 24-hour care.

4. It can benefit people in need

Unused goods, especially unwanted appliances, old furniture and other household items, are always welcome at local shelters, furniture banks, group homes, churches and crisis centers. You may even have a friend or family member in need of the very thing that’s collecting dust in your attic!

5. It makes cleaning less of a chore

Fewer household items means less hassle with cleaning and maintenance, as sofas, tables, home décor and other extra furnishings require regular care and attention.

6.You can earn extra money

For those seeking supplemental income, a large downsizing sale will attract a lot of visitors who are eager to buy. With with a little help from friends and family, your front lawn can be a weekend marketplace that earns you extra cash!

7. It can help keep your home safe

Especially for those with mobility issues, extra furniture and cluttering items can make home navigation difficult. Moving out unnecessary items can open up tight hallways and living spaces.

8. Your home will look better (and bigger)

With only essential home furnishings and minimal decor a home can look bigger, more modern and more welcoming. If your home feels too open afterward, consider decorative wall hangings, dramatic drapes, new paint colors or improved lighting to give your home substance and flare without relying on bulky planters, statues and other large furnishings.

9. You will have more space for company

Gatherings with family and friends can become much more enjoyable. Accommodate your guests with a home rearrangement that focuses on minimalism, open spaces and functionality.

10. Letting go of things will feel better

It can be difficult to give up things you've accumulated and possessed for many years. But you will feel better knowing that you are preparing for a less complicated and more comfortable future. Also, the items you do choose to sell or give away will provide someone else the fulfillment those items once provided you.

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