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Life Care residents share what makes them happy

Our wonderful residents!

Today, March 20, 2020, is the International Day of Happiness, and we recently asked our residents around the country what makes them happy.

Here are some of their answers!

"Playing with my dog and spending time with my friends."

Joan Scotti – Life Care Center of Estero, Florida

"To see other people happy. Happy is knowing the Lord and knowing I am going to heaven. Happiness is getting to see my grandchildren. Happiness is leading someone to the Lord."

Donna Miller – Life Care Center of Osawatomie, Kansas

"Playing my guitar, working on old cars – especially Ford pickups. Also, being with my wife and grandkids. I love listening to country music."

Buck Howell – Life Care Center of McMinnville, Oregon

"Little things that make you smile. You don't need a lot of big things. Just someone to say hello or even just to smile at you. It just makes you know you are still special."

Pat Bennett – Life Care Center of Brookfield, Missouri

"Treating each other equally. Happy we have a place to stay with food and care. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be thankful for our health."

Lillie Bontrager – Life Care Center of LaGrange, Indiana

"What makes me happy is pretty women. I get great help from the staff here, and it's getting better and better all the time. All of my family and friends make me happy. I love being by the ocean and being outside."

Walter Roberts – Life Care Center of the South Shore in Scituate, Massachusetts

"Cooking makes me happy and watching cooking shows."

Jane Lovebury – Life Care Center of Paradise Valley in Phoenix

"Being with happy people that are smiling and laughing."

Kay Cresswell – Garden Terrace at Fort Worth, Texas

"To be able to learn how to forgive people."

Fernando Velasco – Darcy Hall of Life Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

"I'm happy for all the people that help me and take care of me. I always pray for all of them."

Lucy Lisi – Life Care Center of New Port Richey, Florida

"What makes me happy is bingo, getting my nails and hair done and spending time with my family.";

Dorthea Wilson – Life Care Center of Gray, Tennessee

"What makes me happy is the rock 'n' roll and oldies music they play all the time in the activities room. Also, the activities staff's playful bickering between Jasmin and Margie. My wife and son make me happy."

David Lucas – Life Care Center of Vista, California

"Knitting and making things for others."

Elaine "Yaya" Tacinas – Garden Terrace at Aurora, Colorado

"My joy is drawing and painting of Disney characters and decorating my room and also giving to other residents. Disneyland is my happy place, and even though I can't afford to go anymore, I find solace in spreading cheer with Disney."

Francisca Mirales – La Habra Convalescent Hospital in La Habra, California

"My wife. She is my best friend."

Thomas Morelli – Life Care Center of Estero, Florida

"My Jamaican food!"

Ruby Mendes – Life Care Center of Altamonte Springs, Florida

"Being alive – because I survived a really bad accident. I'm very grateful. My family makes me happy."

Barbara Rosendahl – Life Care Center of McMinnville, Oregon

"Eating out. Lots of money. Traveling!"

AJ Berry – Life Care Center of LaGrange, Indiana

"What makes me happy is snacks, family and friends."

Gladys Copas – Life Care Center of Gray, Tennessee

"I enjoy pulling jokes on the staff because they are all family here."

Dee Gordon – Life Care Center of Brookfield, Missouri

"Sunshine, reading a good book."

Dorothy Long – Life Care Center of Sandpoint, Idaho

"People that smile."

Russell Collins – Evergreen Nursing Home in Alamosa, Colorado


Elizabeth Harmes – Darcy Hall of Life Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

"Being with my family and having chocolate sundaes with nuts – both together would be awesome!"

Margie Batchelor – Life Care Center of Tullahoma, Tennessee

"When I can have my way."

Herman Grant – Life Care Center of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"Being with my family and spending time with them. Also, having a clean house. Being around good people and laughing."

Alice Flatt – Life Care Center of Sparta, Tennessee

Alicia Buchanan – Life Care Center of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"Creating a good painting. If you do it right the first time, you don't have to do it over."

Donald Deubel – Life Care Center of Sandpoint, Idaho

"Family – just being together, whether it is holidays, birthdays or an ordinary day."

Oma Griffith – Life Care Center of Red Bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I am most happy when I can help others find their happiness – playing bingo, cards, Mexican dominoes, exercising and reading to the blind/hearing impaired."

Melissa Cantrell – Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee

"Playing with my great-grandkids. It makes me happy and thankful because they are so cute and I never thought I would live to meet them."

Dorothy Iverson – Life Care Center of Hendersonville, North Carolina

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