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Life Care Center of Saint Louis

Life Care Center of Saint Louis helps Clarence Jones recover from COVID-19

Heidi Pino

COVID-19 has taken a toll on many seniors around the country, and Clarence Jones is no exception.

Clarence experienced respiratory failure as a result of the virus and had to be intubated.

When he left the hospital, he needed moderate assistance with grooming and had some trouble with problem solving and memory. He came to Life Care Center of Saint Louis, Missouri, on April 14, 2020.

Physical therapists worked with Clarence to help him rebuild lower-body and core strength, endurance and balance, while occupational therapists worked with him on retraining in his self-care tasks and strengthening his upper body. Speech therapists helped him restore his cognitive and memory skills.

“Clarence was very motivated to achieve his goals,” said Ashley Oliver, occupational therapist assistant. “He was always willing to put forth maximal effort.”

“Therapy helped me with my legs and shoulders,” Clarence shared. “They helped me with my pain and walking. They were very kind and considerate, and I am very glad I graduated.”

Clarence is a long-term resident. He can now perform his activities of daily living with modified independence with the exception of needing supervision for bathing. He can walk with standby assistance with a walker, and he is thinking clearly again. His pain decreased from a seven out of 10 to a two out of 10.

“I think this is the best place because they follow safety and infection control,” Clarence said. “They are very prompt and helpful.”

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