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Life Care Center of Waynesville helps former CNA move into new home

Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Eileen Mammolito grew up in Queens, New York, and in her adult years, she was a certified nursing assistant caring for the elderly for 30 years. After retirement, she moved to Missouri to be near her grandkids.

Eileen had a fall that resulted in an intracranial injury. She was sent to University of Missouri and then to Life Care Center of Waynesville. When she arrived, she needed maximum assistance for all her mobility. She was not able to stand long enough to start walking, and she needed maximum assistance with all her daily living skills, from bathing to feeding herself. 

Every day, Eileen’s granddaughter came to see her, and her husband would have come if he could have, but Eileen was really sick. When Eileen started getting better, she said her granddaughter had taken some videos of her, and she never knew how sick she really was. She said she saw the videos and couldn't believe it was even her. She didn’t remember any of it. Her granddaughter thought they might lose her, but everyone fought hard for her to get better.

The physical therapy team worked with Eileen on strength, mobility, balance and endurance, while occupational therapy assisted her with her activities of daily living and speech therapy helped her with swallowing. 

“As a director of rehab, sometimes it is hard to see people so sick, but we never gave up on her and kept pushing her, even when she didn't want to be pushed hard,” said Laura Johnson. “One day, she turned a corner. She started walking and then never put her walker away. She was able to go home to the new house they bought just before she fell. She fell before they moved in, and it was an amazing goal that kept her going – to see her new home. She had an amazing recovery.”

Eileen shared, “Therapy really helped me. I’m walking now. I loved everyone, but I can’t wait to go to my new home.”

Eileen was indeed able to go home, dressing and grooming herself and walking with a walker.

Welcome home, Eileen!

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