Does short-term therapy work? See for yourself! Success stories 2024 part 3
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Does short-term therapy work? See for yourself! Success stories 2024 part 3

At Life Care Centers of America, we have the privilege of seeing hundreds of patients regain their strength and independence through our short-term therapy services every year.

And that shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the many talented therapists we have at our facilities nationwide –– and the exceptional determination of our patients!

But we always love to highlight a few of these people to inspire our teams as well as the people of our communities who may need more insight and encouragement when it comes to their recovery.

If you are wondering about short-term therapy and whether it would benefit you or a loved one, take a look at the following success stories.

Zola Parrish at Ridgeview Terrace of Life Care

Ms. Zola Parrish admitted to Ridgeview Terrace of Life Care after a brief stay at Jefferson Memorial Hospital, where she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation and pneumonia.

Our physical and occupational therapy teams evaluated Ms. Parrish's condition upon her admission. She required maximum assistance with all her activities of daily living, such as dressing and bathing. She required minimal assistance with transfers and was able to walk only ninety feet with a rolling walker and moderate assistance.

Ms. Parrish began her personalized therapy program five days a week. Her program included therapeutic exercise for strengthening, balance and transfer training, self-care retraining and gait training. She was motivated to return to her prior level of function, telling the therapists, "You all have been very good to me, but I'm ready to go back to my home and take care of myself like I used to."

Ms. Parrish was able to meet that goal and return home with her independence restored! At the time of her discharge, she was completely independent with all self-care tasks and was able to transfer with no assistance. She was also able to walk 500 feet without help.

Congratulations, Ms. Parrish, on your successful outcome in short-term therapy at Ridgeview Terrace of Life Care!

For more information about rehab services at Ridgeview Terrace, please contact Lisa Cabbage, director of admissions, or Amy Kuykendall, director of rehabilitation, at (865) 828-5295.

Ridgeview Terrace of Life Care

Jane Smith at Life Care Center of Morgan County

Jane came to Life Care Center of Morgan County from Life Care Center of Blount County, a sister facility. She transferred to our facility to be closer to her family while recovering from a joint replacement.

Upon admission, Jane required minimal assistance with walking. The range of motion on her left knee was severely limited. Physical therapy associates worked with Jane on her walking ability and her left knee’s range of motion. Occupational therapy associates focused on improving her ability to complete daily tasks safely.

Jane said she was very impressed with the care she received from all the employees. "When I needed something, they followed through with my request with no hesitation. Therapy has been very good. They gently pushed me and made sure I did what I needed to do so I could return home safely."

Jane discharged with an improved range of motion and total independence with walking and activities of daily living.

We congratulate her for completing short-term therapy at Life Care Center of Morgan County and wish her the best with her transition home.

For more information about short-term therapy at Life Care Center of Morgan County, please contact the facility’s admissions department at (423) 346-6691.

Life Care Center of Morgan County

Richard Rybarczyk at Life Care Center of Westlake

Richard came to Life Care Center of Westlake after suffering a fractured right femur and complications during the healing process. He was not able to return to his assisted living facility, and his former skilled nursing facility said he had reached a plateau in his progress. Richard’s family urged him to try Life Care Center of Westlake.

The physical, occupational and speech therapists at Westlake saw potential in Richard and worked hard to help him strengthen his mobility and improve his standing.

Richard initially required a Hoyer lift and was dependent with all care and mobility. The new therapy program brought Richard out of his shell and gave him the motivation to push himself. He worked tirelessly to regain his ability to care for himself.

"Dad has come so far over the past year while working with the Life Care Center of Westlake Therapy team! When he first became a resident, he could only transfer by Hoyer or with two people. Now, Dad is walking and even wheels himself to physical therapy in his wheelchair! Amazing! We hope Dad is as proud of himself as we are of him," Richard's children said.

Now Richard can self-propel with his wheelchair and is able to do upper body dressing, oral care and grooming, and he can stand and transfer with minimal guidance. While he remains a long-term resident here, Richard can self-propel around the facility and walk over 150 feet! Richard never thought he would walk again. He is still working hard to further improve his strength and ability and is exercising every other day in the facility.

We are so proud of Richard and can’t wait to see how much he improves in the near future. Way to go, Richard!

See what Life Care Center of Westlake’s therapy team can do for you or your loved one. Call (440)871-3030 today to schedule your personal tour.

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