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Corine Picaso has been a long-term resident at North Walk Convalescent Hospital since 2014, and when she acquired COVID-19, the team was determined to see her through.

Thankfully, Corine recovered, although she experienced a significant decline in her functional mobility and self-care due to the coronavirus.

“I could not have survived my illness without the loving care of everyone from the nurses, rehab people and everyone who makes my life bearable,” Corine shared.

Corine was totally dependent when she started physical and occupational rehabilitation services on July 27, 2020.

“We encountered the challenges of increased confusion, altered status, significant weakness and low activity endurance,” said Victoria Ogundipe, director of rehab services. “We overcame these challenges by not overwhelming her with too much at one time. We started with low-level therapy focusing on one task at a time while gently gearing up to the next task, adequate rest times between therapy sessions and working within the limit of the COVID-19 unit. During therapy, we gently reminded her of what she used to do before she got sick. This was a team effort among the rehab, nursing and activity departments.”

Physical therapists worked on strengthening Corine’s lower body for mobility, while occupational therapists worked on strengthening her upper body and restoring her activities of daily living skills.

Now, Corine is independent in her sitting balance, hygiene and self-feeding and at a supervision level for walking, bed mobility, transfers from one surface to another (such as the bed to a chair), standing balance and getting dressed.

Corine completed her rehab program on Sept. 15. Through the effort of Team North Walk, she is in much better shape than before she fell ill.

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