Whatever It Takes Champions – November 2023
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Whatever It Takes Champions – November 2023

Life Care Centers of America's Whatever it Takes Champions program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for our skilled nursing patients and long-term care residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are four of the inspiring stories from our recent winners.

These associates are certainly Champions of Care!

Tara Hundley, Assistant Business Office Manager at Life Care Center of Seneca, helped one resident find expression and joy during a holiday season. While out on a personal shopping trip, Tara found a charming holiday shirt and immediately thought of a certain resident who might enjoy it.

Then she purchased the shirt and surprised the resident with it! The resident did not have much support outside of the care facility, so this special gift comforted and delighted her.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Tara!

Scott Vaigneur, Physical Therapy Assistant at Life Care Center of Hilton Head, provided care that touched the lives of one patient and his daughter during that patient's final days.

Here is what the patient’s daughter had to say about Scott:

“My father had the honor and privilege of receiving exceptional care at Life Care Center of Hilton Head from Scott a few years ago when Dad was in cardiac rehab –– and again during Dad's last month of life. It was clear Dad trusted Scott. A couple of days before Dad's death, we had a family meeting with his caregivers, receiving an update about his condition. The news was not easy for anyone...When I looked over at Dad, Scott was beside him, with his hand resting on Dad’s shoulder the entire time.

That one simple gesture was so touching it brought tears to my eyes and was perfectly symbolic of the person I had come to know over Dad's time in the facility. Scott is steadfast, humble, gentle and supportive. I will never forget his loving gestures towards my dad in his last days.”

Kristie Murray, RN at Life Care Center of The Willows, wanted to show her appreciation and gratitude for the environmental services staff at her facility in honor of Environmental Services Week.

So, she purchased boxes of donuts with her own money and put them in the breakroom for her associates to enjoy as they pleased.

Thank you for your generosity and support, Kristie.

Brandy Von Bleicken, Activities Assistant at Parkview Care Center, has been at the facility only a few months but already has blessed the residents in surprising ways. Recently, one resident’s beloved bird passed away. After consoling the grieving resident, Brandy decided to create a special burial box for the bird.

Then she, a few fellow associates and the resident gathered to give the fallen pet a proper burial.

Brandy later went out and purchased another bird for the resident!

Thanks, Brandy, for going so far to care for, comfort and delight our residents.

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