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Patricia Dominesey was involved in an accident that fractured her right hip.


Dominesey came to Life Care Center of Gray, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on July 22, 2019. When she arrived, she needed total assistance to use a wheelchair and moderate assistance for getting in and out of bed and balancing while standing. She also needed some help with bathing and getting dressed.


Physical therapists helped Dominesey with exercises to strengthen her body despite her limited weight-bearing status starting out. Occupational therapists helped her use adaptive equipment to make it easier to do her activities of daily living. And therapists talked with her family about how to set up her home to accommodate her mobility restrictions.


When Dominesey returned home on Aug. 8, she was at a supervision level for bed mobility, transfers, standing balance, bathing and dressing.


“Working with great people produces great results,” said Dominesey. “Thank you, team.”

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