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When Anna Wilkie fractured her hip, she came to Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee, in December 2018 for rehabilitation.


Wilkie was unable to put weight on her right leg when she arrived, so she could not walk and needed extensive assistance to get in and out of bed or in and out of chairs. With decreased lower-body strength, she also needed help with her daily grooming chores, bathing, dressing and sitting and standing balance.


“Ms. Wilkie worked very hard to regain strength and mobility despite her weight-bearing restriction,” said Sylvia Harvey, director of rehab.


Wilkie took part in physical and occupational therapy sessions six days a week for several weeks. She did traditional strength training and used the Omnicycle® seated exercise machine to help increase her upper-body strength.


In February 2019, she returned home to her husband with home health therapy. She was independent in her hygiene and sitting balance and at a supervision level for walking, standing balance and getting dressed. She needed minimal assistance with bathing and transfers.


“I wouldn’t go anywhere else but here,” said Wilkie. “Therapy and care are both top-notch. Thank you, Life Care Center of Morgan County.

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