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COVID-19 Vaccine Update
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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We are thankful that there is an FDA-authorized vaccine for COVID-19. It is our hope to be transparent as we all work together to coordinate vaccines for our residents and associates. Please check back often for updates or reach out to your local Life Care center with any questions.

Todd Fletcher, President

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COVID-19 Vaccine

Frequently Asked Questions Updated 03/17/2021

  • Yes, Life Care encourages residents and associates at its affiliated facilities to make an informed decision to receive the vaccine. We have seen that COVID-19 often has a greater detrimental impact on our residents due to their underlying health conditions more than it impacts the general population.
  • At Life Care, we believe each individual should make informed decisions about the healthcare they receive. At this point, CMS and state governments have not mandated that healthcare workers receive the vaccine in order to work in a nursing facility. Therefore, Life Care is currently encouraging all healthcare providers to take the vaccine but is not requiring it. We will continue to monitor the recommendations of CMS and individual states, and should the federal or any state government change its policy and require vaccination, Life Care will adjust its position accordingly to comply with government and legal obligations.
  • As with associates, Life Care believes it is vital that each individual resident and/or their legal representative make informed decisions about the healthcare the resident receives, and we also encourage them to consult with their primary physician for guidance. As such, while Life Care is encouraging all residents to take advantage of the FDA-authorized vaccines, it is not requiring residents to receive the vaccine.
  • Yes, all 208 of our facilities, for any resident or associate who has chosen to vaccinate, have access to the vaccine.
  • Life Care will follow guidance from the CDC on vaccinating residents with active cases and residents who have a prior confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • The vaccine is free of charge to associates and residents. A resident's or associate's insurance will be billed by the administering pharmacy. For those without insurance, the administering pharmacy will work with the government’s COVID-19 Program for Uninsured Patients regarding payment.
  • Side effects will be shared by the drug manufacturer. As with any medication (over the counter or prescribed), there may be side effects. Life Care encourages all its residents and their families, as well as associates at local facilities, to review information from official health experts such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Medical Directors Association to make an informed decision about the vaccination.
  • No, it does not, and it cannot not give you COVID-19.
  • According to the CDC: "The safety of COVID-19 vaccines is a top priority. All of the vaccines that will be used have gone through the same safety tests and meet the same safety standards as other vaccines. To help make important medical products, including vaccines, available quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can use what is known as an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). For an EUA to be issued for a vaccine, for which there is adequate manufacturing information to ensure quality and consistency, FDA must determine that the known and potential benefits outweigh the known and potential risks of the vaccine. The U.S. vaccine safety system monitors the safety of all vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, to ensure they are as safe as possible. As people begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, CDC and FDA will continue to closely monitor vaccine safety."
  • Yes. We continue to follow CDC and CMS guidance, and at this time we are still required to wear masks while in the facility.
  • Yes, vaccines are available to our new associates and residents. We continue to work with our pharmacy provider to assist in the provision of these vaccines.
  • Life Care-affiliated facilities have received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, depending on the location and availability.
  • Yes, but not immediately. The supply of these vaccines is limited currently but will be more broadly available in the near future. Each building will use the approved vaccine that the pharmacy supplies.
  • Yes, the current vaccines available do provide a level of protection against the variants.
  • Current science on this is still evolving, and we are not sure to how long a vaccine will provide immunity, but we continue to follow the science and current public health recommendations.
  • While it is not likely, out of an abundance of caution, CMS and the CDC continue to recommend that we follow the mask mandate, social distancing, and hand hygiene when in the facility.
  • Yes. We continue to screen our associates prior to the start of their shift.
  • Communal dining and activities have been able to resume as long as we are able to maintain social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing of masks.

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COVID-19 Vaccine

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