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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

After an abdominal surgery, Brenda Feldman developed complications.

Brenda experienced acute respiratory failure with inadequate supply of oxygen to her body. She also developed severe sepsis with shock. She survived, but she was left very weak and in need of rehabilitation.

When Brenda arrived at Life Care Center of Jefferson City, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on March 8, 2021, she was unable to walk, get in and out of bed, stand, bathe herself, perform lower-body dressing or propel herself in a wheelchair. She needed extensive assistance for bed mobility and some help with sitting balance, upper-body dressing and grooming tasks.

Physical therapists worked with Brenda on energy conservation, rising to a standing position from sitting, standing tolerance, walking and managing stairs, while occupational therapists worked with her on regaining independence in her self-care tasks.

“With her hard work, determination, love for her family and faith in God, Brenda was inspired to achieve her goal to walk out of the facility,” said Leisa Evans, occupational therapy assistant. “She did exactly that when she went back home.”

Brenda shared, “Leisa and Janelle [Brady, physical therapist] were wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better therapists. God guided me to Life Care Center of Jefferson City because He knew that I needed them.”

Now, Brenda is independent in most areas, including walking, grooming and dressing. She only needs supervision for standing balance and bathing. She returned home on April 2 and hopes to return to her job working in insurance.

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