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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Life Care Center of Punta Gorda, Florida, was abuzz with anticipation on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020, as the facility became one of the first Life Care centers to offer the COVID-19 vaccine.

CVS, which is partnering with Life Care to distribute the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, set up a clinic in the facility’s main dining room, and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., associates came by for their appointments to receive the shot from the CVS pharmacists.

The vaccine is being made free to all residents and associates throughout the company as CVS is able to provide the vaccine doses. It comes in two doses 21 days apart in order to be effective, and CVS personnel will ensure the follow-up dose is also administered to each individual. Studies have so far shown the vaccine to have around a 95-percent efficacy.

One of the first associates vaccinated was Keith Williams, the facility’s medical director.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Keith Williams, medial director

“I am proud to be a part of this with crew at Life Care Center of Punta Gorda,” said Williams.

Jessica Cantwell, business development director, also took the vaccine.

“My decision was last-minute,” said Jessica. “I originally decided not to get it, but I changed my mind when I saw the clinic set up and how efficient and professional the CVS staff was. The lady who did my injection was very thorough and explained everything to me.”

Jessica shared that the only side effects she experienced were some soreness at the injection site, similar to a flu shot.

After vaccinating the associates who wanted to take the vaccine, the CVS pharmacists went room to room to vaccinate the residents who chose to participate.

Life Care will offer the vaccine at each of our facilities. Vaccination is not mandatory, but it is encouraged as we fight for the safety of our residents and associates.

“We felt so honored at our little-known facility to be one of the first in all of Life Care to get the vaccine,” said Jessica.

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