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Heidi Pino

Dawn Anderson came to Life Care Center of Bridgeton, Missouri, after suffering multiple pelvic fractures in a motor vehicle accident.

When she arrived on June 8, 2020, Dawn was unable to walk, stand, move herself around in bed, bathe herself or take care of her daily hygiene tasks on her own. She also needed extensive assistance with sitting balance.

Physical and occupational therapists worked with Dawn on strengthening, transfers from one surface to another, self-care, standing balance and endurance.

Now, Dawn is independent in her dressing ability, as well as her bed mobility and sitting balance. She is at a supervision level for walking, transfers from one surface to another and standing balance, and she needs minimal assistance for hygiene. She needs moderate assistance with bathing.

“Thanks to therapy, I am able to go home much sooner than anticipated,” Dawn said. “Less than three weeks ago, I couldn’t even get out of bed. Now I’m sitting, standing and moving around independently. I’m so happy to be going home!”

Dawn returned home to her husband on July 14. She hopes to return to work as she continues to recover.

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