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4 Tips to Make Downsizing Easier
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4 Tips to Make Downsizing Easier

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Whether you’re planning a future move or just wanting a clean, open space, downsizing is a great way to welcome more simplicity, safety, and satisfaction in your life.

If you have reached the point where downsizing is right for you, consider these three tips to help you make the process smoother.

Put pen to paper

When you’re ready to downsize, start with a list of things you absolutely need, then jot down a separate list of non-necessities. Or list all of the items in each room and rate them one to five (from most to least important).

Once you know what you plan to purge, mark your calendar with your official downsizing start date.

Keep it simple

On downsizing day, focus on one room at a time. Ideal things to remove include decorative furnishings, clothes and apparel not worn in the past year, hygiene products, lawn furniture, outdated electronics, old mail, gardening, and landscaping tools.

Divide and conquer; organize items into things you plan to donate or sell, and items you plan to throw away.

Separate trash from treasure

Not sure what to do with all your whatchamacallits? Don’t want something, but it’s still useful? Is this or that broken beyond repair?

Ask yourself the following questions to arrange your space just how you want it.

•  Is the item heavily worn that it is unusable? If you wouldn’t use it, it’s best not to give it to someone else. Trash it.
• Is the item worn but still useable? Crafters and thrift stores can refinish worn furnishings and recycle them. Put this in a treasure pile.
• Is the item valuable? If you plan to sell your furnishings, know the worth of each item. Don’t take just anyone’s word for it.

Appraisers and auctioneers are happy to evaluate your furnishings to provide you with its true value. If your items are truly treasures, you could come up top dollar if you decide to sell them.

Or if you choose to give them away, you may be able to write the items off as tax-deductible donations.

Think about the future

To maintain your downsized home, avoid buying large items you may use only once or twice. If you need some gardening tools or appliances for a special project, considering renting those items. Or, hire someone to take care of the work for you.

Shop for new clothes or items only when those things are broken or no longer usable or wearable. If you find yourself wanting a large item, ask yourself how often you will use it versus how much dust it will collect down the line.

Now, you are fully prepared to start your downsizing adventure. With these tips in mind, you'll be savoring your new life in no time!

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