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Heidi Pino

Millie Overturff is no stranger to Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky.

She worked in the dietary department for 14 years, up until February of this year.

So when Millie was in need of rehabilitation, she knew where she was going to go. She came to the center on July 29 after suffering respiratory distress due to an exacerbation of her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When she arrived, she needed help with all her self-care tasks, as well as walking and getting in and out of bed.

“This place is my home, and all the staff are my family,” Millie said. “They went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed.”

Physical and occupational therapists worked with Millie six days a week, retraining her in her basic and more advanced activities of daily living, from bathing and dressing to light housekeeping. They had her practice walking and used neuromuscular reeducation to help strengthen her body as well. For her COPD, Millie took part in the facility’s pulmonary hygiene program and used an incentive spirometer to improve her breathing.

“Millie was awesome!” said Emily Spencer, director of rehabilitation. “She stayed positive and worked hard, all while in isolation. She was determined to get back home independently.”

Millie successfully met her goals, and on Aug. 12, she learned one more experience from the other side – the joy of returning home.

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