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Violet Petrikas, Life Care Communications

Northwood Hills Care Center’s Executive Director Frank Reed has retired after serving the facility for nearly two decades.
Frank began working at Northwood Hills Care Center in Missouri in August 2004 when he was hired as the facility’s executive director. He has worked as an administrator for 39 years.
“Frank always has a smile on his face and a kind word to say,” said Bethany Sattovia, regional rehab director.
“Frank is not only a great ED but also a great individual,” said Regional Vice President Carl Wright. “He has a lot of compassion for his staff and residents. He is an all-around good guy.”
Northwood Hills’ Director of Rehabilitation Karen Williams remembers the day she stood at the threshold of Frank’s door asking if she could travel to Dallas. She wanted to take a course that would prepare her to restore vocal function for patients with voice disorders. Frank gave her his hearty approval.
“Frank has been an avid supporter of me dreaming big from the very beginning, which has changed my life,” said Karen.
As executive director, Frank oversaw the entire facility. He worked closely with department heads to ensure that the facility stays within its budget, provided good customer service and followed federal and state regulations. According to Debbie Taylor, director of business development, the census at Northwood Hills Care Center has more than doubled since Frank became the administrator.
Frank has made a huge impact on the local community, as well. He has served as the president of the Chamber of Commerce and currently helps sponsor kids attending the local fall festival. He has worked with local schools and provided food, entertainment and fireworks to patients and the community every Fourth of July. He has also formed relationships with the health care community in Bolivar, a neighboring city, and is very involved in his local church, scouts and golfing.
“One of Frank’s strengths is building relationships in the community,” said Bethany. “Frank goes out of his way to make people feel good about themselves.”
Lynn Hayes, a fellow executive director and long-time colleague and friend, said that Frank is respected by everyone that knows him.
When asked about a favorite memory working at Northwood Hills, Frank said there are quite a few: “Especially when the residents come up and hug you and give you a kiss and thank you for everything you do.”
Frank said his favorite part of the job has been working with the staff and residents. “When they appreciate what you do, it just makes your whole day.”
Lynn said Frank is a dear friend and she has learned many things from him over the years.
“Frank has definitely left his impression on me and in the health care community,” she said.
On Thursday, Aug. 18, Life Care division, regional and facility staff hosted a party in celebration of Frank’s retirement. The festivities included food, balloons, gifts for Frank and a giant cake with the words “Happy Retirement Frank” written on top.
Bethany, who has known Frank for 10 years, said she will miss walking into Frank’s office, but she wishes him the best on his retirement: “Frank – may these be the best years yet. Thank you for all of your service!”
Frank retired on Friday, Aug. 26. He looks forward to spending more time with his grandkids, playing golf and gardening in retirement.

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