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Joshua Bohnen, Executive Director

At Cañon Lodge Care Center in Cañon City, Colorado, we recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of a very special employee.

When you try to think of all the great accomplishments of 30 years, it is an overwhelming task, so we decided to incorporate some of her Whatever It Takes nominations for the past three years to exemplify how much she is appreciated. Keep in mind, Kim has been a Whatever It Takes winner numerous times in the past 30 years as our head housekeeper. 

  • Kim routinely demonstrates her commitment and dedication by way of cleaning and preparing rooms for new residents.
  • Kim makes maintenance work easier because she is always observant to malfunctions, broken parts, missing and inoperable equipment, besides her excellent cleaning skills around the resident rooms and throughout this facility.
  • Kim shortened her vacation to work at the start of COVID-19 restrictions. Kim is always one employee we can depend on.
  • Kim was the winner of a 40” television at our staff Christmas party. She then donated that TV to the residents for their activity room. She goes to great lengths for our residents.
  • At lunch, it was discovered there were only a few clothing protectors for the residents. Kim was working the floor by herself and helping with laundry but still took the time to wash items and put them in the dryer for us before leaving. Always a team player!
  • Kim stepped up and helped take menu orders and pass trays to the residents when an impromptu catered dinner was brought in by a 100-year-old resident’s family for her birthday. Kim’s calm demeanor helped the situation run smoother.

One of Kim’s co-workers, Doug Hudson, said, “I love Kim; we work good together. She knows a lot and is a hard worker. I believe she put the first brick in this building.”

Her supervisor, Dave Sandoval, maintenance director, said, “Kim is set apart, a true champion! Her 30 years of dedication and commitment are recognized by all.”

Kim is a standard bearer within the facility who exemplifies and continuously demonstrates the Whatever It Takes mantra within the company. All our employees are special to us, but 30 years is a long time, and as far as we know, Kim is the only one to hit that milestone at Cañon Lodge. Congratulations, Kim!

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