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Heidi Pino

Narendra Saraf, director of rehab services at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, recently had a study published in an international journal, Proteus Journal.

Narendra, a doctor of physical therapy, is part of an international research team at the Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy and research hospital in Pune, India. He authored the article, titled, “Add-on Effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation with Mirror Therapy on Hand Function in Post-Stroke Hemiplegia: Experimental Study.”

Narendra did the study during his visit to India in February. The goal was to evaluate the efficacy of transcranial direct current stimulation in conjunction with mirror therapy for joint pain and hand musculature and function for patients who have had strokes.

Narendra and several other professors studied two groups. One received trans-cranial direct current stimulation along with mirror therapy, while the other group received fake trans-cranial direct current stimulation along with mirror therapy.

The experimental group with actual TDCS treatment produced statistically significant improvements compared to the placebo group.

“I always wanted to see the effects of electrical stimulation on the brain and the motor strip on the cerebral cortex,” shared Narendra. “While I was doing my master’s, I was actively involved in research and published my thesis on chemotherapy drugs and how exercise can eliminate the toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs on the heart. My doctoral thesis was on knee osteoarthritis and the effects of endurance exercise on alleviating intensity of OA. I have always enjoyed doing research and contributing to our scientific community.”

Although TDCS is not used in the United States, mirror therapy is, and therapists at Life Care Center of Kansas City use mirror therapy as one of their rehab tools.

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