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Kaitlin Tomas is a copywriter for Life Care Advertising, but recently she found herself writing something altogether different.

Kaitlin has penned a song called “Heart of a Hero” in honor of the brave staff caring for patients in Life Care facilities around the country in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“After watching several interviews of the [Life Care Center of] Kirkland [Washington,] staff, my heart broke for the situation unfolding at their facility,” Kaitlin explained. “I felt God inspiring me to write a song as a way to encourage and uplift them, as well as other workers on the front lines.”

Kaitlin prayed about it, and in five hours, she wrote the lyrics and the melody. She started recording a demo in Life Care’s Media Center that same day.

Life Care has since professionally recorded the song, with Kaitlin as the vocalist. Part of the song is being featured in Healthcare Hero videos sent to associates throughout the country.

The full song can be heard here:

“My favorite line in the song is, ‘Your love makes history, chasing the devil with bravery,’” Kaitlin shared. “It stands out to me because this unprecedented time is historic worldwide, and those risking so much to protect the most vulnerable are putting their love into action. In the interview I watched of the Kirkland staff, they mentioned that it felt like they were chasing the devil when trying to keep up with the virus. I thought that was a powerful statement that deserved to be documented in a creative way.”

Creativity with music has been part of Kaitlin’s life for as long as she can remember. She comes from a very musical family and can play the guitar in addition to singing. She has traveled around East Tennessee as part of a trio of friends and was part of a Christian band in college. She has been a Life Care associate since 2016.

“Life Care associates on the front lines, we salute you,” Kaitlin shared. “We are here in your corner lifting up prayers and encouragement for you every day. Your strength and courage to go above and beyond shines so brightly to everyone around you. When you feel weak and tired, remember that our Heavenly Father is always with you. You are loved!”

"Heart of a Hero"

You give your all, every day, doing whatever it takes,
building bonds, making strides, serving all day and all night.
You’re sharing laughs and shedding tears, making the most of their golden years.
All you want is to see them smile – it makes it all worthwhile.


The heart of a hero carries on
as a light in the dark.
The heart of a hero lights that spark.
The heart of a hero won’t let go
when we need them the most.
Vital signs beat in time on the front lines.
The heart of a hero…

The storm has come, the battle begun.
You’re paving a way when there wasn’t one.
Your light still shines so bright in the night,
a ray of hope in the midst of the fight.
So don’t give up, keep pressing on.
You’ve had the courage and strength all along.
There is someone who fights for you,
making all things new.


The heart of a hero carries on
as a light in the dark.
The heart of a hero made His mark.
The heart of a hero shines through you
with love and with courage and truth.
Vital signs beat in time on the front lines.
The heart of a hero…


In the darkest night look for the Son.
You’re fighting the good fight He already won.
Those precious lives have stories to tell.
Your love makes history, chasing the devil with bravery,
so stand your ground in victory.

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