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Heidi Pino

When Winona Peagler broke her right femur in a fall, she needed help with her mobility and activities of daily living.

Winona came to Life Care Center of Charleston, South Carolina, for rehabilitation. When she arrived, she was unable to put weight on her leg, so she couldn’t stand or walk. She needed extensive assistance with bed mobility, transfers, sitting balance, daily grooming tasks and bathing, as well as moderate help with cognition and getting dressed.

While speech therapists worked with Winona on cognitive exercises, occupational therapists focused on helping her with her self-care tasks. Physical therapists led her in strengthening exercises, building her muscle strength. When she was cleared to bear weight again, she started gait and balance training as well.

“I did not know what to expect,” Winona remembered about when she first came. “Therapy was so nice. It relaxed me, made me laugh and improved my life and health. I’m doing better than I was before I went to the hospital!”

“Mrs. Nona always had such a positive attitude and was ready to work,” said one of her therapists. “She has an infectious laugh.”

Winona can now transfer and manage her activities of daily living with supervision. She is walking with a walker with assistance and was able to return home.

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