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Piper Kyle, Life Care Public Relations

Bill Houston had a cyst removed from the left side of his brain. The cyst caused the right side of his body to be paralyzed and have stroke-like symptoms.

After staying five days at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Bill arrived discouraged at Life Care Center of Cleveland, Tennessee. The first two weeks were hard on him because the lack of results he was wanting and his physical health. He had no mobility in his right side, and his strength was depleted.

“A week after not having any results, I was able to grip with my right hand,” said Bill.

After this first sign of importance, Bill became stronger and more determined every day. He started a small exercise with a squeeze ball to help increase his grip. Kelly Newbould, physical therapist assistant, started helping him walk. The therapists gave him exercises he could do his room.

“He had no movement or strength at all, but he kept moving, “said Kelly. “He is a true example of working hard and wanting to meet goals.”

Bill reached goals that were supposed to be a long process, and he met them within a month. He was able to go home on July 29.

“The therapists here are wonderful,” remarked Bill. “They have pushed and encouraged me.”

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