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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Leading up to Easter 2021, activity associates at Life Care Center of East Ridge, Tennessee, collected enough stuffed animals for all the residents in the building.

On April 1, the facility held an Adoption Day event. Residents had the chance to pick out a stuffed animal to take back to their rooms. Each one was displayed with a different profile, including a name and characteristics, which Melissa Correll, dining services director, prepared. There were rabbits, a cat, a llama, a dog, a pig and even a unicorn!

“Each resident could pick one out that they could relate to,” said Parker Center, executive director.

For example, Betty Summers shared, “I enjoyed this event because I was able to pick out a new stuffed animal for my granddaughter for Easter. I picked the purple bunny because I thought she would like it best and it matches her room.”

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