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Heidi Pino

To help with keeping short-term rehab patients busy, the activity department at Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, has drawn some wall art pictures.

Patients can choose to color an array of animal prints, fish, butterflies, flowers or other designs that are placed on their walls, or they can draw and paint something else they like. This is very good eye-hand coordination exercise.

One patient, Sherry Everett, who loves art, cut out what she had colored with crayons and placed them all over her wall.

Mae Petty, activity director, stated, “It has been very exciting to see how well the patients have done and how they love doing the wall colorings.”

Associates also love looking at the residents’ creativity.

Besides the wall art, residents have another art project. They receive a tumbler with an art insert, and they can paint anything they wish, date and sign their artwork and place it back into the cup.

“This is a great way to have patients remember the time they were at our facility,” Mae added.  

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