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Janis Dunahoo, licensed practical nurse, started her nursing career at Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona, 14 years ago and has been one of our best assets ever since.

This Christmas, Janis became ill and ended up in the hospital with atypical pneumonia. Her condition worsened, and she ended up on a ventilator for nine days. During that time, she heard medical staff say that she was not going to make it!

They obviously underestimated how tough this woman really is.

During her illness, Janis lost quite a bit of weight and nearly all her muscle strength. She came home to Life Care Center of North Glendale on Jan. 14, 2020, to do therapy. She knew she would receive the very best nursing care from her long-time friends and colleagues.

After her lengthy hospital stay, Janis was extremely deconditioned and became fatigued just sitting on edge of her bed. She has worked very hard during her rehab and is looking forward to resuming her nursing duties when she is released from the doctor’s care.

“This experience has changed the kind of nurse I will be,” Janis shared. “I will listen to my patients with a newfound knowledge of just how helpless they can feel when they are very ill.”

Life Care Center of North Glendale rehabs one of its own

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Janis Dunahoo, licensed practical nurse (right), with Kate Burt, occupational therapist assistant
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