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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

It’s been a hard few months for Barbara Hobbs, but through it all, the team at Life Care Center of Pensacola, Florida, has been there to support her.

Barbara was placing her husband in hospice care when she had a stroke. She came to Life Care on Oct. 7, 2021, unable to walk or get out of bed. She was very weak and had limited range of motion. She needed maximum assistance with bathing and minimum assistance with grooming and hygiene tasks like brushing her hair. She had difficulty with memory and finding the right words.

Physical, occupational and speech therapists stepped in to help Barbara in her time of need.

ST helped Barbara improve her cognition, memory and communication skills.

PT addressed her lower-body strength and mobility, starting with using a mat table for increasing her sitting tolerance, and working her way up to standing and then walking.

OT focused on Barbara’s functional abilities with daily self-care. They helped strengthen her fine motor skills and eventually used the therapy cottage at the facility to practice home skills like cooking and bed making.

“Despite the sadness of her husband transitioning to hospice and then passing, Barbara never lost her can-do spirit and approached each day with a plan to work hard,” said Amy Anderson, occupational therapy assistant.

For her part, Barbara shared, “Coming to Life Care helped me want to work hard. Everyone is so kind, and I know they care about me. It’s my family place.”

Barbara returned home for a short trial in December, but she decided she wanted to come back as a long-term resident.

“The effects of her still-limited self-care mobility and the fact that her husband had passed away made her decide it was time to be somewhere safer, and she loves it here!” said Virginia Fulton, director of rehabilitation.

Barbara, we are glad we could help improve your quality of life, and we are glad you are part of our Life Care family!

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