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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Teresa Medley came to Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, on hospice for respiratory failure.

She hadn’t walked in three years and needed total assistance with most of her mobility – from walking and standing to getting in and out of bed and wheeling herself in a wheelchair. She also needed extensive assistance with bathing and dressing.

“I used to have dreams of walking again and would wake up crying knowing I couldn’t,” Teresa said.

However, things changed when Teresa signed off of hospice to try rehabilitation. Physical and occupational therapists started working with her to increase her strength, mobility and ability to care for herself.

Therapy made a huge difference!

Teresa is now able to get around independently… including walking! She is also independent in most of her activities of daily living and at a supervision level for bathing. At 62, her life is far from over. She was able to return home.

“Because of you girls [her therapists], I have been able to make my dreams come true,” Teresa said. “Your encouragement has meant more to me than you will ever know.”

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