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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Patty Thompkins had been experiencing increased shortness of breath for three to four days when she had a fall and was hospitalized. She was found to have COVID-19 with respiratory failure and hypoxia.

After Patty’s hospital stay, she was not ready to return home yet and came to Life Care Center of Saint Louis for rehabilitation. When she arrived, she was showing severe cognitive impairment and needed minimum assistance with bathing, dressing, walking, getting in and out of bed and balancing. 

Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Patty five days a week to help her reach her goals. Physical therapy focused on strength, balance and mobility, while occupational therapy addressed her self-care skills. Speech therapy addressed her cognitive skills. Patty benefitted from the facility’s pulmonary hygiene program to decrease her shortness of breath.

“Patty is a star patient,” said Makenzie Hager, speech therapy student from Saint Louis University who treated Patty at Life Care Center of Saint Louis. “When she first arrived, she had severe deficits in the areas of short-term memory, problem solving, attention and visuospatial skills. By tailoring her therapy to her wants and needs, Patty increased all these skills to be within normal range. Her hard work and motivation paid off, and I am so proud of her.”

Patty returned home with her family thinking much more clearly. She is independent with her self-care skills, as well as transfers and sitting balance. She is at a supervision level for standing balance and walking.

“I now walk better,” Patty shared. “I had fun with speech therapy. I can remember things better and take care of my medicine.”

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