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Life Care looks forward into the new year
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Life Care looks forward into the new year

Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Life Care’s first priority is the safety and well-being of our residents. When we as a company found ourselves face-to-face with COVID-19 earlier this year, our associates across the country sprang into action in the fight against this deadly virus.

Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington, was the first to face the virus at a time when little was known about symptoms or how to treat it. Our valiant team there worked hard with the knowledge and resources they did have to care for their residents and became some of the first in the US to learn firsthand how the virus affects the elderly.

As the virus spread throughout the country, other Life Care centers faced the threat of the disease. They worked diligently to protect their patients and fellow associates and served as champions on the front lines when outbreaks occurred at their buildings.

Our approach to care continues to evolve in conjunction with CDC guidelines as the nation learns more about COVID-19.

Because the safety and peace of mind of residents and their family members is the highest priority, we continually research and assess emerging technology that may further enhance our safety measures with infection control, air quality, associate training and family communication.

Life Care and our associates are committed to providing vigilant care that goes the extra mile to keep residents safe. That vigilance includes:

  • Providing every patient with a routine clinical assessment.
  • Using “Point of Care” testing equipment from the federal government.
  • An ongoing surveillance testing program that continues for staff, per state requirement.
  • A policy that states new admissions will be placed in quarantine for at least 14 days, allowing for observation to focus on preventing any new introduction of the virus into the facility.
  • Ongoing communication with family members includes monitored outdoor visits, window visits, texts, phone calls, FaceTime calls and “drive-by” parades to keep families connected to their loved ones.
  • Strict adherence to CDC, CMS and state health department infection control protocols will be maintained.
  • Training for associates will be continuously updated based on regulations and first-hand experience in controlling the virus.

Our journey since the first COVID-19 cases in February and March has been filled with tragedy, sorrow, heroism and community support. Despite the challenges they have faced, leaders and associates at Life Care’s facilities continue to demonstrate true strength as they come together to fight against this unseen enemy.

Life Care Center of Kirkland, the first facility affected by COVID-19, closed out 2020 on the leading edge of a new hope for our residents and associates. On Dec. 28, residents and associates were able to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

“This is a great way to end the year,” said Ellie Schutt, executive director of Life Care Center of Kirkland. “I think everyone in the skilled nursing industry is thankful that a vaccine is available and being administered.”

The vaccine is rolling out to all of Life Care’s facilities as it becomes available.

Between the vaccine, the larger body of knowledge and experience in fighting COVID-19 and the dedication of our heroic staff, Life Care will start 2021 with something very precious: hope.

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