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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Jody Elrod is back home after more than 40 days after COVID-19 hit him hard.

“COVID changed my life completely,” said the 51-year-old.

Jody had to go to the hospital and was there for almost a month. He was on a BiPAP machine and almost went onto a ventilator. By God’s grace, he will tell you, he made it through.

On April 27, 2021, Jody came to Life Care Center of Cleveland, Tennessee, for rehabilitation to restore his independence. He started out very deconditioned and on supplemental oxygen (five liters per day at first). He was unable to walk and needed help with a lot of his self-care tasks, such as getting dressed.

Physical and occupational therapists worked with Jody on seated exercises to build his strength and endurance. However, the most important thing they helped him with was his breathing. They taught him how to breathe more efficiently and how to accomplish tasks more efficiently so he wouldn’t wear himself out. And they taught him and his wife, Stacey, how to monitor his oxygen levels to make sure he was being safe in his activity levels.

As the facility is now able to have visitors, it meant a lot to him to have his wife come see him frequently. The rehab gym is open again as well, which put great therapy tools at his disposal, such as the Biodex recumbent stepper and the stair trainer.

“I had three trainers who worked with me,” Jody shared. “They’re so good to me.”

Toward the end of his stay, Jody was even baking cookies as part of a group activity and helping to lead the group.

“Jody has worked very hard,” said Anna White, physical therapist assistant. “He is a walking miracle.”

“I give God all the glory,” Jody shared.

He returned home on May 12, eager to see his grandchildren and return to church again. He also hopes to return to work.

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